About Us

Dear Friends,

It is indeed a great pleasure and priviledge to write to you as President of Ahmedabad  Surgeons’ Association.

Ahmedabad Surgeons’ Association was established in 1971 by father figures of Surgery  in Ahmedabad.
In those days, the founding members of ASA took lot of pain in starting the  Association and sustaining it for
all these years.

Ahmedabad Surgeons’ Association is registered
with Charity Commissioner Office and is  also registered with Income Tax Department for PAN number.
Ahmedabad Surgeons’  Association has also been granted 12 AA
and 80G certificates by the Income Tax  Department to facilitate Association activities. ASA is recognized as
Official City  Chapter of ASI.

Ahmedabad Surgeons’ Association is a very active scientific body and has been  organizing regular CMEs for its members and surgical fraternity.
These CMEs are attended very enthusiastically by Member Surgeons. Gujarat Medical  Council has been recognizing our CMEs and awarding CME credit points.

Ahmedabad Surgeons’ Association was a proud host for very successful IAGES 2012 – National Congress of IAGES. It was attended by more than 1500 Surgeons with plethora of International and National faculties. There was a convocation held for more than 1000 Fellows during IAGES 2012 which made a record in the history of convocation among all the surgical specialities in India. IAGES 2012 was also awarded 12 CME credit points by Gujarat Medical Council.

Ahmedabad Surgeons’ Association accepts Surgeons of Ahmedabad as Ordinary Members and Surgeons outside Ahmedabad as Associate Members. We are pleased that many outside Ahmedabad Surgeons are also becoming members and attend the CMEs. Ahmedabad Surgeons’ Association was first to start CMEs on Sunday morning. Most of the CMEs are for 4 hours time and really provide opportunity for the attending surgeons to learn new things as well as refresh their knowledge.

I hope launching of the new website of Ahmedabad Surgeons’ Association will help its members in promoting more and more scientific activities and sharing of knowledge and skills.

Warm Regards
Yours Sincerely
Dr. Bharat Shah
Ahmedabad Surgeons’ Association